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Important Contacts

Directory of University Offices

Dean of Students: 512-471-5017
Division of Housing and Food Service: 512-471-3136
Greek Life and Education
: 512-471-9700
Sanger Learning and Career Center : 512-471-1217
Legal Services for Students: 512-471-7796
New Student Services (Orientation): 512-471-3304
Parking and Transportation: 512-471-PARK(7275)
Recreational Sports: 512-471-3116
Registrar: 512-475-7575
Services for Students with Disabilities: 512-471-6259
Student Activities and Leadership Development: 512-471-3065
Student Emergency Services Home Page: 512-471-5017
Student Emergency Services Parent Page
Student Organization Database
Telephone Counseling Hotline: 512-471-CALL (24 hours)
Student Government: 512-471-3166
Texas Box Office (Longhorn Sports Tickets): 512-477-6060
University Co-op: 1-800-255-1896
University Health Services:
24-Hour Behavior Concerns Advice Line (BCAL): 512-232-5050
24-Hour Counseling Hotline: 512-471-2255 (CALL)
24-Hour Nurse Advice Line:
512-475-NURS (6877)
Appointments: 512-471-4955
University Counseling and Mental Health Center: 512-471-3515
University Police Department: 512-471-4441