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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Questions parents ask cover a wide range of topics, much wider than the Forty Acres even. It's impossible to talk about Frequently Asked Questions as they tend to change depending on the time of year, but...Texas Parents is a resource that was created exactly with that in mind. We are your resource on campus to contact with any and all questions. We are your connectors for solutions and spend a lot of our time getting to know those resources across campus who can help with your specific question/situation.

Q: Where should we stay when we visit Austin?
A: Although we cannot endorse any businesses in the Austin area, there are many great hotels and bed and breakfasts in Austin. We encourage you to visit the Dean of Student's Web site and view this flyer of hotels close to campus Hotel Directory (PDF).

The AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center opened in the fall of 2008 to provide a place to stay near campus, a parking garage and a place to eat or get a good cup of coffee. We are happy to announce an ongoing room rate special for all parents of current university students of $159 per night plus applicable taxes. Reservations for this special rate (code UTPS) must be made through the phone reservations line at 877-744-8822, or 512-404-3600. Rate is subject to applicable taxes and blackout dates. For more information and photos of the center's accommodations and dining facilities, please visit http://www.meetattexas.com/.

Also, a great resource for hotels, restaurants, and all things Austin is the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau.