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Parent Testimonials


"Texas Parents is a tremendous resource for UT parents who need immediate help or just advice or guidance. You can always count on the staff there, especially Lisa Sparks, to be attentive to your needs and to respond quickly to resolve the problem. We have a son who graduated from UT in 2009 but never took advantage of the TP even though we were 4 year TP members. We currently have two daughters attending UT and for the first time had to ask the TP for help on an issue. Lisa was quick to respond and we got the answers we needed to make an informed decision."

Yvonne Bennett
UT mom and Texas Parents member


"Texas Parents has been a tremendous resource for us, from our son’s freshman year to graduation. The monthly emails are a treasure trove of useful information, providing answers to our questions (including some we did not know to ask) and links to informative resources. When we turned to Texas Parents for the details we needed to plan for our family’s first UT commencement, we received a thorough, thoughtful, and impressively helpful reply, complete with all the necessary facts about schedules and parking, as well as tips from the staff member’s own recent UT graduation experience -- all that we needed to navigate the festivities."

Jerry Grissom
UT dad and Texas Parents member

"Texas Parents is a resource and reminder of all the things your college student forgets to tell you. The monthly e-mails keep parents connected to what is going on at UT, from tuition deadlines to campus activities. In my case, it became so much more. With a daughter who attended an out-of-state high school, finding friends and an academic path was a challenge.

Then I was diagnosed with cancer. I called Texas Parents with my daughter's concerns and conveyed the fact that I was not able to be the supportive parent that I had always been in the past. Texas Parents' staff members became a fantastic resource as they helped us address the problems we were having. They had great ideas and contacts for our daughter and even suggested ways to address her academic needs. I can never repay their kindness and attention in our time of need. Texas Parents is a great asset to have on the UT campus and on your side as your student goes through the rigors of being a college student. I strongly encourage you to join!"

Vicky Rollins
UT mom and Texas Parents member

"My son is my first child to go off to college. The beginning of his second semester he had been trying to get into a few of his engineering classes without much success. He called home frustrated and anxious. Not really knowing what to do, I called the Texas Parents office and asked them for advice and guidance. They were so pleasant and helpful, responding back to me immediately with the name and number of someone who could help. Within two days, Austin was in his proper engineering classes. I cannot thank the Texas Parents office enough. Texas Parents is a valuable asset to this University. I thank them for going the extra mile for my son."

Sherry Torti
UT mom and Texas Parents member


"During the Christmas holiday break my son was in a serious snowboarding accident. He suffered a severe concussion and two badly shattered wrists. Once we realized he was going to be alright, we immediately began worrying about how he would be able to return to UT for the spring semester. Well, Texas Parents Association quickly paved the way for us – it was SUCH a relief! One easy phone call to the Texas Parents office and we were given specific instructions on how to proceed. From direct phone lines to the people we needed to contact, to offers of personal assistance, Texas Parents could not have made it easier for us. It truly was incredible how quickly and efficiently we got assistance and even continuing follow up contact from Texas Parents staff to be sure we had all we needed for our child to continue his education at UT. Texas Parents truly is an invaluable resource to have available to parents and students at The University of Texas.”

Logan Ames
UT mom and Texas Parents member


"My daughter, Catie, elected to attend UT Austin from the northeast. Her selection criteria included a large urban school with civil engineering, D1 sports, warm climate and a place where no one from her hometown went. That was certainly Texas! She was assigned to Jester dorm. She went into the living situation with an open mind, but became increasingly frustrated with the living situation. Catie is a studious and quiet individual and she and her roommate had completely different lifestyles. They were total opposites and the arrangement became unbearable for my daughter.

When we attended orientation in June and I recalled Lisa Sparks speaking about how the Texas Parents' Association (TPA) can assist parents in navigating UT Austin. So, I called the TPA office. At the time of the first call to TPA, I had watched my daughter’s concerns ignored. Naturally, I kicked into mother mode. The individual who first answered the phone was very polite in trying to understand my concern. I asked to speak to Lisa. I was 2000 miles away and I needed someone to assist us immediately.

Once Lisa understood the dilemma, she said she would get back to me. Within hours she had contacted Housing and Food Service (HFS). They went to work on Catie's behalf and identified a space across campus in Littlefield dorm. In just a short period of time, HFS had already been in contact with my daughter about her new room assignment. She called ecstatic and relieved, and so was I. The new living situation made all the difference in Catie’s experience at UT. Thank you TPA for handling this situation as if it were your child."

Gina Higbie
UT mom and Texas Parents member


In the summer of 2008 at Family Orientation, I listened carefully to the spiel offered by Texas Parents. I, believe it or not, had no clue about UT. None. I went to university in Canada and never paid attention to any U.S. college. My freshman son applied to one university: UT. He is a man of very few words. I knew if I wanted to know anything about the school, residences, classes, all the "ins and outs", I needed to join Texas Parents. I signed on with a 4 year membership.

My son did not get accepted into the Business School, so took the advice of a counselor in his assigned school (Education / Kinesiology) and signed up for his freshman classes. Still not where he wanted to be as an upcoming Sophomore, Michael designed his own strategy for classes his second year. He was again rudely awakened to the complexities of a successful path at "his" university. He was so lost, so depressed and felt he had no other option than to start over entirely at a junior college! He felt so defeated and I honestly feared for his emotional health. I asked his permission to seek advice from Texas Parents and he said yes.

We stumbled at first, but Lisa Sparks' tenacity and dedication to find Michael the help he needed did not fail us. Michael was directed to the right place for the right options and answers for his passion and goal. I could hear it in his voice when he told me about his meeting with the School of Undergraduate Studies. He spoke PARAGRAPHS about it, instead of his usual monosyllabic responses. I saw a total turn around in his emotional being and a reignited spark to his endeavor because he was now on the right path. I mentioned the turn around in him to his dad and siblings. They doubted me and thought I exaggerated. Then they spoke with him and they all came back to me and said, "You are right! He is a different, very happy person!"

We would never have gotten to this place without the help of Texas Parents. The University of Texas has a lot going for it and is a wonderful university. But it can be totally overwhelming and major complexity at times for various reasons. Texas Parents is such an extremely well organized, dedicated and knowledgeable organization. I cannot say enough about the care, follow up and close attention Michael and I were given in our plight. I was glad to be a member when I joined and so GRATEFUL to be a member when I needed them. They are so worthy of our support, as they support us and our students.

Carol Osborn
UT mom and Texas Parents member