Texas Parents
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In 1948, a group of dedicated dads formed the Dads’ Association to support the needs of University of Texas at Austin students and parents. Through the years, the name has changed from Dads’ Association to the Parents’ Association to now, Texas Parents; but over the past 67 years, our mission to help parents help their students has remained steadfast.

Texas Parents is the official parents’ association of The University of Texas at Austin and is a part of the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs with a fully-staffed campus office that keeps you informed, acts as your liaison with the university’s many facets and creates positive ways for you to be involved with and support UT.

Texas Parents is committed to serving the needs of all UT parents and families. The association is self-sustaining and receives very little state-appropriated funding, so support from parents who choose to become members of the association is vital for Texas Parents’ work to continue and grow.

Go to "MEMBERSHIP" and learn about membership benefits as well as the ways your financial support goes back into the UT community in the form of grants for student-run community service projects and events; awards and recognition for outstanding students, faculty and staff; and support of programs like Forty Acres Fest, Holi and Student Emergency Services to name a few.